That picture intends to make you laugh. (Click it to hear that mix I did a minute ago.) Right now, we could use a giggle or two. Speaking of which, this comment I found on the Freedom Party® NYC Michael Jackson event page this morning gave me the giggles: “Freedom means so much to my life right now that I’d sell my one good 40 year old ovary to the Octomom just to have one more spin on the dance floor! #thestruggleisreal” Pfhahahah. It most certainly is.

The MJ Tribute is happening next week, Friday, August 25th, at Irving Plaza. It’s one of my biggest club-night gigs of the year, with over 1,000-plus people in attendance. Tickets are on sale right now for $15 w/discount code ($10 tickets sold out already)–go here, type “freedom” (no quotes) to unlock your $15 tickets, and I’ll see you on the dance floor. OH…Sorry…If your b-day is within one week, hit me up, I’ll give you two free passes. Also, if you leave a comment on the event page, you’ll be automatically entered to win VIP bottle service for you and four of your friends. Make that move.

Before I bounce, though, I feel like I gotta weigh in on what’s going on. Here goes:

I’m trying to do my part to resist hate, and at the same time, be at peace with those defending hate. It’s proving impossible, and rightfully so. They want us to listen and accept what they’re saying because “free speech.” They want us to tolerate…their intolerance. Problem is, it’s hardly just about that. At all. What they’re saying is death. What they’re saying is genocide. “We’re okay with millions of non-white, non-Christian people being tourtured and murdered.” That’s basically what they’re saying. So…Yeah…It’s really hard spreading love their way. But I guess Buddha wants us to?

Challah back at a Jew,