As Seen on The Knot
As Seen on The Knot

Herbert Holler
New York City’s Favorite DJ

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Sleepless nights, Honda Accords, detention and Liberace are all a part of his story. See how Herbert Holler went from Atlantic City delinquent to New York City nightlife/DJ icon. Enjoy the ride!

Artists Herbert Has Worked With

Snoop Dogg
Mark Ronson
John Legend
Boyz II Men
Benny Blanco

Some of My Clients

The Herbert Holler Experience

"YOUR sets are SO on point!! THANK YOU"

I hate to do “OMGs” but this requires one BIG, FAT OMG!!! (I don’t want to take God’s name in vain) but it so calls for SO MANY OMG! YOUR sets are SO on point!! THANK YOU is all I am going to say!!!


"Just a quick thank you again for helping us make last night AMAZING!"

Just a quick thank you again for helping us make last night AMAZING! No small thing a first time out and I definitely got some good “street cred” among my staff for being the kind of boss that can go out late night and know the right DJ/s to pick. They were thrilled, I was thrilled and all the more important our guests danced up a storm and didn’t really want to stop.


"Nobody gets me on the dance floor like you do!"

Hello Herbert! I’m just so excited. You are the best. Nobody gets me on the dance floor like you do. You know that song, Last Night A DJ saved my life, well I think of you when I hear it.


"Your music mixes have given me pure joy"

Thank you for the link to download your music. I’ve been enjoying your music steadily. Your music mixes have given me pure joy when I listen to how you artfully blend the beats, the songs, the mood. It’s seamless. The overlays! I especially like what you did with Amy Winehouse!!! OMG that was OUTSTANDING. THANK YOU for using your gift to bring joy to all who can hear and witness genius. Appreciatively,


"I wanted to thank you for making Saturday night the most fun party I have ever been to"

The most fun party many of my friends have been to! I had the best time–it was everything I hoped it would be and more. The entire energy of the night depended on you, and you delivered the most amazing selection of songs. You read the room so well and created such a great atmosphere, people couldn’t stop dancing–which is exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of people tell me they kept waiting for a song they didn’t like so they could take a break, or get a drink, but that song never came. I personally didn’t leave the dance floor for 3 1/2 hours, except when someone dragged me to the photo booth. And, you got my daughter on the dance floor for the first time–which was a joy for me to see. You really achieved my goal of having the dance floor ‘spontaneously combust in a firework explosion of pure joy and body-moving.’


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