Thank you for the link to download your music. I’ve been enjoying your music steadily.

Your music mixes have given me pure joy when I listen to how you artfully blend the beats, the songs, the mood. It’s seamless. The overlays! I especially like what you did with Amy Winehouse!!! OMG that was OUTSTANDING.

THANK YOU for using your gift to bring joy to all who can hear and witness genius.


I wanted to thank you for making Saturday night the most fun party I have ever been to. The most fun party many of my friends have been to! I had the best time–it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

The entire energy of the night depended on you, and you delivered the most amazing selection of songs. You read the room so well and created such a great atmosphere, people couldn’t stop dancing–which is exactly what I wanted.

I had a lot of people tell me they kept waiting for a song they didn’t like so they could take a break, or get a drink, but that song never came. I personally didn’t leave the dance floor for 3 1/2 hours, except when someone dragged me to the photo booth. And, you got my daughter on the dance floor for the first time–which was a joy for me to see.

You really achieved my goal of having the dance floor ‘spontaneously combust in a firework explosion of pure joy and body-moving.’ I am so grateful that you helped me start this next chapter of my life in such a joyful way.


You did an excellent, outstanding, unforgettable job! Thank you so much!! The entire crowd loved you!!! Hope you had fun too–thanks for your professionalism and amazing talent!


I am so happy that you are out there championing the cause of good music


Just a quick thank you again for helping us make last night AMAZING! No small thing a first time out and I definitely got some good “street cred” among my staff for being the kind of boss that can go out late at night and know the right DJ/s to pick.

They were thrilled, I was thrilled, and all the more important our guests danced up a storm and didn’t really want to stop.


Hey DJ Herbert!

Just a quick note to say hello !
You really did your thing at this past Wednesday.

I wanted to say hello to you, but you were in your “DJ Groove” and I didn’t want to disturb you. Don’t be alarmed. I’m not a groupie or anything – LOL. Just a fan of good music and good DJ’s. And like to show support when I can.

I can’t tell you how many people’s heads were boppin and “feeling IT” that night.
You are very talented – DJ Herbert. The creator has given you a wonderful gift – to make people dance! Use your “powers” for good. LOL

Thank you for doing what you do – SO WELL !


As I told you when I walked out the door at 3:45am Saturday morning, I love you as much as any woman can love a DJ. I don’t usually go out because no one except you knows how to make it hot with my kind of music. I was sincerely impressed by you and feel thankful for the opportunity to go out and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. My best friends had told me that I would love you and they were soo right.

So this is a humble little note of thanks from a 28-year-old woman, a born and raised New Yorker who finally got to go to the party of her dreams and dance to the music that she loves.

PS – I was in the VIP section, right behind you who sang to every song and danced all night.


Hello Herbert! I’m just so excited. You are the best. Nobody gets me on the dance floor like you do. You know that song, Last Night A DJ saved my life, well I think of you when I hear it.

Lots and Lots of Love.


You are the very best DJ ever! I checked you out during my 30th birthday celebration and my friends and I had a wonderful time!!! I’m bringing another friend to celebrate their birthday to your wonderful tunes on tomorrow night. We are both looking forward to it.


I hate to do “OMGs” but this requires one BIG, ​FAT ​OMG​!!! (I don’t want to take God’s name in vain) but it so calls for SO MANY OMG​! YOU’RE sets are SO on point!!

THANK YOU is all I am going to say!!!


My guys and I were speaking about how wickedly you spun on the night. Tune after tune you took us on a musical journey that did not reside in one corner or world. (I love it) You rinsed us out!


Herbert, plain and simple your the man! everyone enjoyed your music alot. i wish you only the best in everything you do, your a cool guy and a damn good dj! once again thanks for everything.


Hi Herbert, I have to tell you I was at the freedom party on Halloween and I couldn’t sit down. You gave it to us. I’m making freedom a part of my exercise routine I had to have burned off 1000 calories that night. Also wanted to let u know that I brought my aunt who is almost 50 and my little cousin in her her 20’d and they didn’t sit down either. You really know music and I appreciate you for giving me 4 hrs of cardio. Can’t wait to tomorrow! Much luv.


I support you & the music you play 1000%!!!!

Keep Rocking through the rest of 2008 & beyond!!!


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