I’ve been asked this question a lot, recently. And I understand why–there are literally tons of DJs now calling themselves “DJ.” It’s important for me and my business, now more than ever, to stand out from this fray, to communicate to prospective clients why I’m the better choice. It’s a tough question to answer, though, because often times it feels like youhave to point out the competition’s weakness to highlight your strength, push other people down to raise yourself up, and that’s not something I like. So, I think, the best way to answer this question is: I have dedicated the last 14-plus years of my life to deejaying, spending thousands of hours in DJ booths across the city, country and world, spinning for thousands of people ’til the wee hours, honing my chops, perfecting my craft.

The video below is from my last gig, Thanksgiving Eve at Irving Plaza, 800-plus people in attendance.

Feel free to contact me for your next event, and happy hollerdays,

Herbert Holler