Hello friends. Dunno ’bout you, but I’m really running low on Vitamin B. (Or is it Vitamin K? Vitamin D? Darn!). Definitely ready for a long recess from this cold, wet weather. But April is about to give me the jolt I need–NINE EVENTS! We kick it off with Creative Edge Parties’ annual staff blowout, a wedding at the 3 West Club, an opening slot for famed 80s hip-hop duo Eric B. and Rakim, the return of LA’s “Carnival: Choreographers Ball,” a two-day NYU party out on the Square, Freedom Party® Chicago followed by Freedom Party® NYC (back-to-back), the Horticultural Society of NY’s Annual Flower Show/Dinner Dance, and then a wedding at Industry City in Brooklyn to cap it all off.
Please…Don’t even ask about May.
(If you see me on the street wearing Crocs and sweat pants, don’t judge.)
Holler back, ya heard?!