I just sold out Irving Plaza this past Saturday night. Over 1,000 people swarmed the venue, and just as soon as doors opened, poured onto the dance floor to hear the most fun, most dance-happy songs from the 70s through today. They started singing almost every song at 11:15pm, and didn’t stop until 4am. This full-time DJ/dad of three didn’t do the disco-nap thing, either, but 1,000-plus people screaming/singing recharged the batteries and kept me humming until sunrise.
Moving right along, spring is in the air! Party people are coming out of hibernation, and this DJ is in full demand. March has me spinning a big macher’s 30th birthday in LA, another Irving Plaza night, a pop-friendly dance party in Chicago, and more. And April is chock full of weddings, NYU parties and more late-night debauchery. It’s a wonderful life!*
*As long as my wife agrees to be up at 6:45am with the kids.
Herbert Holler
PS – If you are looking for late-night plans this weekend, or have guests/clients in town that are, please check my Facebook page around noon for the “Hot Picks,” a list of all the best NYC late-night parties this week, something I’ve been doing for…let’s see…uh…18 years?? (Yikes!)