Literally! Or, at least, not until the last gig of the month, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Spring Gala. And what better way to mark the fury of May, when we all crawl out of our caves and greet the gardenias, than a glorious get-down in a garden? I can think of no other. Click the pics below for details!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Gala After Party . Photo by: Eilon Paz.

The Brooklyn Botatic Gardens Gala After Party 2013

THE RUNDOWN: Plymouth Church School Annual Gala (May 4), a possible opening slot for my favorite vocalist right now, Jessie Ware (May 7), the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s “Design for Disability 2018” Gala (May 9), opening set for Wale at Sony Hall (May 10), Freedom Party® CHI (May 18), Freedom Party® NYC (May 19), Rhythm Revue Meets Freedom Party® at Le Poisson Rouge (May 26), then finally, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gala (May 31).*

*Please note: I have range. I can play whatever you envision hearing at your event. See below.