I don’t have much time to talk–laptop’s about to die, restaurant I’m at is about to close for a nap, and I have lots of eating to still do. I’m in Venice for a private event at the Hotel Cipriani. (I wonder if the Ciprianis know I’ve spun a bunch of their venues. Maybe they’ll invite me to lunch one day.) Venice is really spooky at night–tons of little alleways and bridges and nobody’s really out past 11pm. Did anyone see “Don’t Look Now” with Donald Sutherland? I swear I walked through the scene with the miniature hellhound dagger wielding demonoid. I freaked myself out and started running. Then it felt like a game of “Doom.” I got so lost! I have video, but I didn’t pay extra for 3G (stupid), so you won’t see it till next holler, but do follow me on Instagram for a photo play-by-play.

Like this photo above, a classy sassy swagg-a-rific OG who embodies “you got to coordinate!” The thought! The commitment!! The shoes!!! Blues and reds…Dude is so gangster magical, he could walk through East LA and Crips and Bloods would announce a cease fire.

(I’ll try to keep up with it, but man…It sucks having to document your life like this. I don’t know how the fame whores do it. I’d rather be IN the moment than taking pictures/uploading it.)

(Speaking of LA, I’m doing a Freedom out there in a week. Let your folks know.


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