Gotta hold it down for my people, right? East-Coast Jews…Rejoice in this holiday season. If we are in fact “chosen” by G-d to save humanity, then it’s our job to put a little Jewish in everyone…


(Or a lot of Jewish. That’s a lot of Jewish.)

Happy Hollerdays to everyone–Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Sunni, Shia, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, Bob, and any others I forgot. May you cherish love, family and friendship above all else. May you truly be at peace with this life the universe has given you. May you not be dismayed by dumb shitte. May you have the patience to calmly deal with dumb mothersuckers that fill your space. May Trump be thrown in prison before he’s sworn in…Or during. Wait…That would leave us with Mike Pence. That guy’s a demon. The Mrs. and I were afraid to be in Indiana whilst pregnant with that fat beauty above because of Mike Pence. So…Um…May G-d magically put Bernie Sanders in charge if Trump goes to prison.


That’d be dope.

Happy Hollerdays, mazel tov on surviving 2016 (seriously), and I’ll holler in 2017 (with a new mix–I think),

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