Strangely enough, for me, weddings are the most challenging gigs I get. It’s my client’s most special day, and they’re nervous, not sure how the party’s gonna go, not sure if their guests will have fun, not sure how they look, worried if that cousin shows up and drinks too much and starts problems with other guests. There’s a lot on it, a lot on my performance. And I can’t help but feel some of that. No matter how many weddings I’ve done. (At least 50, to date. If not more.) It’s part of the performance, you know?

Which is why I end up feeling extra content and satisfied when I got them going crazy on the wedding dance floor. When I get ’em loose in their suits, break ’em down in their gowns.

Check the video below from a recent wedding at Sleepy Hollow Country Club:

Exquisite, elegant, refined…Until somebody’s grandpa is wriggling on the floor like a fish.