How dope is this barber smock, or apron, or whatever it’s called? I asked Jerry the Barber if he could get me this material so I could make a shirt out of it. How fricking fly would that be?! So fly. The flyness would be immeasurable. Damn. I should make that happen. So dope, right??

February is usually a nothing-really-popping month, but this one was mad hairy. I almost deejayed the Grammy party of a lifetime with Diplo rocking and Justin Bieber singing and Katy Perry crowd surfing (almost…lololol…sigh…sniff), I just got news that I’ll be opening and closing for my favorite band right now (details soon), I finished this 45-minute mix I’m not crazy about (you know how we are about our own work), I was on “Sway in the Morning” mixing music for millions of people Tuesday (here’s that mix), I’ve been prepping for a Nigerian Muslim/American Jewish wedding this weekend (I love my job), I been putting in work on my website (finally!!!), and all the while, I’ve been pushing the poo out of this Sunday’s big Freedom bash at Irving Plaza. It’s a Live Nation event, and they be the biggest concert promoters in the world, and they’ve taken an interest in Freedom, and man…I gotta go promote. Sorry.

If you guys can come out, bring your friends, help me fill this 1000-plus-person room, I’d be so grateful.


Herbert Holler Signature

Freedom Party NYC Vol 3