I’m on my way to Florence for a gig.



Wrong Florence.


Florence, Italy.

(Not Florence, NJ. Though I’m sure Florence, NJ, is a wonderful place to live.)

So yeah…In just a few short hours, I’m hopping a flight to Firenzi for a gig this weekend at the place in the pic above. Thank you Leticia and Troy for having me a part of this extraordinary event. I’m honored, privileged, and very grateful. And I’m fully prepared as always to rock the spot. As well as fully prepared to stuff my fat belly full of Florence’s finest formaggi, farro, fettunta, fagioli and bistecca alla fiorentina. I’m learning all the necessary Italian for my trip–“di piu” (“more”), “il conto” (“check”), “dov’e il bagno?” (“where is the bathroom?”), and “sei stato a Florence, NJ?” (“have you been to Florence, NJ?”). As far as pronunciations, I’ll just say everything uh-like-eh Fabio Viviani uh-from-eh “Toppa Cheffuh.”

There’s some art stuff there, too, so I’ll try to get to that as well. Can’t go to Florence without seeing David’s shmeckel.
(It’s the largest Jewish shmeckel on record.)

If you’re sticking around, my Freedom Party® NYC is back at LPR this Sunday night. Click the flyer below “Come to My Club” (which was this thing a fraternity brother of mine always said…I miss that dude…Sam Liebenzen…Russian Brooklynnite who promoted clubs back in the day…he’s now a chiropractor but I have no idea where…wait…wouldn’t that be crazy…watch him live in Florence, NJ) and it’ll take you to the ticket page. In the empty field labeled “Discount Code,” put “starfoods” (no quotes), and you’ll get $10 off.

Thank you for your time, attention, and awesomeness,

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