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Whether it’s at an in-store, an exhibit, a get together, a lounge, bar, spa, boutique, a driving trip cross country, a cruise cross Caribbean, a flight to Iceland (they party hard there), a limo ride to Atlantic City (make sure you call me first—I know the best food in town) or anything of that ilk, Herbert Holler is your man. He’s got over 16,000 songs in his library (no duplicates), roughly 52 days of music…He’ll work with you to find the right genres, flow and feel for whatever it is you’ve got going on.

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London Grammar Track List

  • "Protection" -- Massive Attack
  • "Bahama No Namioto" -- Masayoshi Takanaka
  • "Joga (Strings and Vocal Mix)" -- Bjork
  • "Stormy Weather" -- Little Dragon
  • "Walking On Air" -- Jose Padilla
  • "Old Soul" -- Ben Watt featuring Baby Blaq
  • "Under Attack (The-Drum Remix)" -- Shy Girls
  • "If You Love Me (Benzel Remix featuring Jessie Ware)" -- Brownstone
  • "Flammarion" -- Blue Hawaii
  • "Curlylocks" -- Baby Fox
  • "Take Me to Church (TEEMID Remix featuring Jasmine Thompson)" -- Hozier
  • "Anything's Possible (Sweater Beats Remix)" -- Kastle featuring Lotti
  • "Faded (Lido Remix)" -- Zhu
  • "Le voyage de Penelope" -- Air
  • "Ceremony (Chromatics Cover)" -- New Order
  • "Slow (Van Rivers Remx)" -- Twin Shadow
  • "Let's Dance (Jean Claude Gavri's "Les Dance" Spaceapella)" -- David Bowie
  • "Ecstasy" -- Louis Bordeaux
  • "Feather" -- Little Dragon
  • "Lonnie's Secret" -- Owusu And Hannibal
  • "Sky Is Falling (Tornado Wallace Remix)" -- Bertie Blackman
  • "Little Fluffy Clouds" -- The Orb
  • "Birch Beer Forest" -- Marumari
  • "Paradise (Original Mix)" -- Payphone

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